BSF/ESF Sombo Grading syllabus

The first column tells you what techniques are expect as you move along the coloured columns you will see the amount of techniques you are expected to perform between each belt.

The syllabus below is for Adults.

The Junior ( 5 years to 15 years) syllabus is exactly the same but with 3 segments in between each belt 

i.e. Red Tabs White Belt would have 3 sections White Belt 1 Tab, White Belt 2 Tabs, White Belt 3 Tabs and so on.

Juniors under 10 years of age are not allowed Leg Locks or Arm Locks.

For Blue Belt and Brown Belt minimum age 14 years.

1st Degree is a Senior Grade with a minimum age of 16 years, when a Junior has reached 16 his Junior Grade will become a Senior Grade

Students can participate in a Competitive Grading this where your competition record and technical ability are taken into account. Technical Grade is where you are examined on your Technical Ability and must be of the highest standard

 White BeltYellow BeltOrange BeltGreen BeltBlue BeltBrown BeltBlack Belt
 1st Grade2nd Grade3rd Grade4th Grade5th Grade6th Grade1st Degree
Hip Throws1234457
Shoulder Throws  11234
Throws using Hands  12345
Leg Throws24568910
Sacrificial Throws   1235
Winding Throws  12345
Ground Holds1234568
Leg, Locks1234569
Arm,  Elbow Locks1234567
Break falls1234567
Combination Throws 123457
Counter Throws 123457
Throws into Locks 123457
Throws into Holds1234569
Counter to holds and locks 123457